Why can't i order the Vegan milks online?

Just like regular milk, our vegan chocolate milk must be kept below 41 degrees fahrenheit once it is cooled because we do not add any preservatives. But visit any of our stockists to grab them in person!

What is the chocolate milk made from if not cow’s milk?

Kaleidoscope uses an organic rice milk as the base for the vegan chocolate milk.

Why don’t you ship the chocolate rice milk?

Since there are no preservatives in the chocolate milk, it is required that the chocolate milk stay cold once bottled until opened for consumption. Avida is working on a way to ship cold as we speak, and in the mean time please check out our retailers in Michigan if you can!

What is drinking chocolate?

Drinking chocolate is a high quality ‘hot cocoa’ if you will. Traditional hot cocoa has a cocoa powder base, hydrogenated coconut oil and artificial thickening agents. Drinking chocolate uses high quality chocolate as the base, yielding a rich, thick and delicious drink

What’s up with all these weird names?

 Just a playful way to convey our flavors!

What does the percentage mean?

Quality chocolate utilizes two main ingredients – sugar and cacao. This percentage refers to the amount of cocoa in the finished chocolate. 

Does my chocolate contain any soy, gluten, dairy, or nuts?

Currently, none of our ingredients contain soy, gluten or dairy. We take great care in trying to provide allergen isolation and to keep the equipment utilized to produce the Charlie Brown (peanut butter Drinking Chocolate) separate. Being a small batch producer allows us to minimize the likelihood of allergens contamination – however, all products are produced in a commercial, community facility that may handle any and all ingredients while we are not there. 

Do you provide nutrition facts?

Nutrition information can be found on each of the rice milk product pages or on the back of each product label itself. Please contact us for the nutrition facts of the drinking chocolate.

How is the chocolate you use vegan?

Chocolate usually uses cane sugar as its sweetener – that is filtered through animal bones. Finding and using chocolate that uses evaporated cane juice eliminates the need for any animal products in its production.

Is your chocolate certified organic? Fair Trade?

Yes & Yes!

Why are your products so much more expensive than regular chocolate products found in grocery stores?

There are many factors that affect the price of our products.  One of the main reasons is the cost of the raw ingredients are very high, as well as the labor that goes into making chocolate on such a small scale. The only way to make it sustainable is that the products. In order to adequately pay our workers a living wage, the finished product price must reflect the cost of production.

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